Opioid Addiction Treatment

Opioid Addiction Treatment

Inmates Offered New Program For Opioid Addiction Treatment

In today’s jails, inmates are struggling with many different types of addiction. Some of these addictions are much easier to treat than others. Opioid addiction, however, is one that can take quite a bit of specialized treatment to break the cycle of using. Luckily, there is a new program that offers opioid addiction treatment to inmates. Read on to learn more about this option and how it can help those who reside in our jails.

Jails are places that are meant to be drug-free, however that is not always the reality of the institutions. Different types of drugs are smuggled in, one way or another, and those that are addicted to the substances continue to use. Not everyone entered jail as an addict, some addicts are created in the facility as they manage to find the opioid or other drugs from their fellow inmates. This can be quite trouble for many different reasons. As inmates become addicted, their body actually needs the drugs to function. Should the drug not be available, it can cause many adverse reactions, sometimes it even results in death.

Since being addicted to opioids is not good for the body, and also not having the drug when you are addicted can cause so many horrible side effects, addiction treatment is crucial. Proper treatment, like the new program that is now available to inmates, helps the addict get the drug out of their system in a safe manner. Going off of opioids cold turkey is not a good choice and with the treatment that is offered, the inmates will no longer have to do that. Plus, once the drug is out of their system, the addicted inmates will receive opioid addiction treatment until they feel comfortable with who they are when they do not use the drug.

The process of treating opioid addicts is not an easy or quick one, which means the jails have taken on quite a good thing as they do their part to help those addicted to the drug. Not only will it be helpful for inmates to learn how to handle their addiction while they are in jail, but hopefully once they have been released, they will no longer feel the need do the drug. But if they do, it is hoped that they will have the coping mechanisms in place to stay away and find other ways to spend their time.

Some of the inmates are resisting the treatment, as is the case outside of jail. However, the option is there for them to join the program once they are ready to admit they have a problem and choose to get better. Making that choice is crucial to breaking free from opioid addiction and going on to live a drug-free life where one is happier and healthier.

It hasn’t been easy to fund the new program, but there are some organizations that are stepping up to help. The jails and the addicts are thankful for the help that has been offered.

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